Don’t call it a comeback...

After keeping all of my old content on ice since shutting down in 2004, I thought it might be fun to bring some of it back. Before anyone gets too excited, I’m going to pick and choose what I resurrect—so you won’t see the full back catalog. And I won’t be posting any new reviews; sites like Sole CollectorWearTesters and CounterKicks have picked up that baton and run with it. But I will make an effort to re-publish reviews that are timely—for example, to coincide with the release of a retro.

I’ll also post other random thoughts here, so apologies in advance to the sneakerheads in the house who just want to see shoes. is now my space to ruminate on all of my kicks, including marketing, technology, travel, etc., etc. Hopefully y’all will find at least something you’re interested in.